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Obviously the media is gonna be one of the largest obstacles with how they shunned coverage of police brutality at Standing Rock, demonized CHAZ, and now are selectively covering Stop Cop City. Very hard getting this kind of perspective out to the general public to challenge those narratives.


Esperaux wrote

Democracy in terms of a binding authority of government is a definite no. Just because laws were decided by a democracy doesn't make them any less unjust. Democratic decision is not a be all end all justification of taking away the autonomy of others. There are groups that may use democratic decision however for stuff like tactics or how to use a resource. To what degree this is useful varies.

Either ways people put too much emphasis on it one way or another. Your day to day actions aren't going to be done through voting. Though every now and then some people may find it a useful means to gauge opinion. Some go on to assert that it is a means of addressing informal hierarchy while others also point out it can lead to opportunism or severely slow down any attempts at action. Tactics tend to be diverse and vary from place to place.