Erisian wrote (edited )

I don't disagree with you, but countering the logic of 'idpol,' with, well, more 'idpol,' seems to be a closed loop. I know personally most of the far-right reactionary white people around me speak out against 'idpol,' all the time, but when you scratch past that surface it's all about preserving their particular identity while also pretending to be 'against all identity'.

I'm not sure how much of this has to do with simply 'gaining social capital,' instead of it being an attempt at self-preservation given a very diverse set of different 'truths,' but being told they can only choose either this or that. Presenting these people as simply seeking attention (aka social capital) are replicating a logic of diversion from the material conditions that create the world we live in. I'm not sure if I can properly explaining it without getting all vague and obtuse.

I just think attempting to infantialize one's enemies by presenting them as attention seeking robots that ONLY want recognition for being 'politically correct,' is dangerous for all marginalized peoples.