Epicalyx wrote (edited )

You are welcome. It wasn't a recommendation so much as a clarification - anarcho-primitivism (AP) imo has substantial issues in its main developed forms, like Zerzan's.

Bellamy wrote a book called Corrosive Consciousness as a kind of blunt egoist critique that might be useful for you. Bellamy's work has problems too but his critiques of AP are useful. Might be better even just to listen to a podcast he's done on the book

AP's complicated by the fact that it relied a lot on anthropology, which is a disaster of a discipline that's persistently scraping itself together because it got humpty dumptied by anticolonial and poststructuralist critique.

Anyway, just some thoughts


Epicalyx wrote (edited )

Anarcho-primitivists would reject the binary, so in that sense all of it would be trans writing. Cis and Trans people wouldn't exist because there would nothing cis to be trans of. At least that's the idea.

So probably just reading Zerzan on gender would be one case of such writing

Also primitivism and the thing that Ted wants are completely different things. The same goes for Derek Jensen of DGR, who perhaps is the person you are actually referring to since he is much better known for his green transphobia.