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Re Hartman, an older post of mine: Saidiya Hartman is probably the best living anarchistic theorist.

I'm not so sure that's true now but she's still among the best at least. One of the multiple things expressed in this article text is her walking us through her experience of issues with Marxism. And to situate herself a bit in relation to Afropessimism.


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I eat cats for the B12 and the omega oils they have from eating fish.

When possible, I trap them myself. I eat outdoor cats only, they are invasive here and kill all the birds.

It seems true that they don't read. I incorporate that into my traps. They say, "Danger, Cat Trap, do not enter" in big lettering over them. Also the lock on their trap is openable if you have opposable thumbs. So it's plausible they don't read (or they don't care about their own lives), and in case any of them develop thumbs they could escape.


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Hope for what?

An act is only futile relative to a goal or a structure of meaning. It depends what your goals are.

If your goal is world peace and global anarchy, then that goal is so unrealistic and vacuous as to be meaningless, and the associated hope is probably getting in the way of your life being lived fully.

If your goal is to live beautifully with others in a shared project of living anarchy, then that is available to you. In that case you don't particularly need hope, you just need to do your best so there's nothing to regret.


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The BLM movement does contain in itself a critique of policing, for example. And that critique stands together with an analysis of Blackness and oppression within (mostly focused on US) society. I guess I'm curious about what practices emerge out of that.

Is it just that some people advocate to defund or to abolish, while others try to build mutual aid alternatives while working to make police both obsolete and a non-presence in their territories?

What more concrete things do people do against police? There's room to speak about extreme versions also.