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It's just like.... Is there actually any meaningful conflict between marxists and anarchists in real life today? It seems to all be on the Internet... I know RCP cultists in real life and I think their politics are shit so I don't associate with their shit unless there is a damn-good reason to do so, it's not like we're exchanging gunfire or anything.

All the disagreement over what actions to take during a theoretical revolution just seems so abstract and meaningless to argue about to me.


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I'm really glad I don't talk like this anymore... One tip to improve your rhetoric: applying antique marx-derived words and condescending phrases like "educate the masses", "agitate more workers", etc. comes off as really creepy and condescending to normal people. If your goal is to appeal to regular folks and not just radical-lefty weirdos like us you should speak like one when discussing your politics.

As for refuting the content of your post, I think others have already done a better job at that than I would.


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Moderately impressive.... DWDM gear that lets you put 50+ waves on a single fiber pair are pretty common though, and 50 1tbps waves is 50tbps right there.... but I guess the impressive part is they are doing that for thousands of miles with only amplification in-between (not regenerating the signal itself), so they must be doing something cool.


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I don't think we're all exactly on the same side, and that's OK, because there are points of unity as you say.

Another thing to keep in mind is that alt-right trolls are nothing new and scary, this is literally what a lot of us have already been dealing with on other platforms, it's simply annoying, but usually not much more than that.

(Also... am I the only one who involuntarily side-eyes the phrase "reasonable debate" even in contexts where it's not a dogwhistle? Wew... maybe alt-right trolls are more than just annoying sometimes.)