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I mean... you can always have a change of heart. You know, there could be moments in the future where it outweighs the evil actions in the past you did. A silly example could be infiltrating in the last spaceship to leave earth and let every anarchists in you can find, etc :p

I also heard there were fascists/dictators that used to know what individualism-anarchism is. I suppose if you know how power works properly by it being criticized, you could also use it in your way. I just guess it's a sad way of the living intelligence to let it be wasted like this instead of having everyone be autonomous in their life.

For example Kropotkin used to be a person coming from a rich family as well. There's always a point where you can stop associating with those kind of beings and "do the right thing", I suppose.


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So are you social anarchists aware that you only choose to argument against anti-civ on very minor nitpicks, meanwhile what this particular ideology criticizes is what causing more damage? Like... weight the arguments. Or is it that you're particular attacking in bad faith because you are aware of the criticism but want to keep it?


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https://raddle.me/wiki#privacy-security https://raddle.me/wiki/basic_security https://raddle.me/wiki/privacy

https://web.archive.org/web/20220227172109/https://anonymousplanet.org/guide-dark.pdf (no longer mantained by original author, apparently they died. There's a 1.14 version but I haven't checked yet whether the new person is trustworthy)