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If you've got the time, and a couple of friends, you could picket their collection places with signs that outline how hateful and full of shit they are.

You could wheatpaste signs around where they collect for people to read.

You could also delve a little into less legal, a nice non-tracable note left on their car combined with slashed tires or something similar.


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They are mostly white, older and fairly well-off... so I don't hold out much hope, they're just the only people around me so its hard to not talk about and hard to build anything when we're so far apart on everything.


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I'm surrounded by liberals who would agree with the Warren shirt, but cannot apply it to all of capitalism. Has anyone else had success in convincing liberals of how universal theft is under capitalism? Its just so ingrained into their minds...


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Best I've read this year:

Creating a Movement with Teeth - haven't finished this one yet, but it's good and I think a very important topic.

Fire on the Mountain - Terry Bisson

Maroon the Implacable - Russell Maroon Shoatz

Unrestricted Warfare - haven't finished it yet, but good so far

Bolo bolo

War in the Shadows: The Guerrilla in History by Robert Asprey - again, haven't finished it, but really interesting deep dive into guerrilla warfare throughout history

Without a Glimmer of Remorse by Pino Cacucci

A bank robbery, some anarchists and the choice for revolt

I also re-read the US Army's "Ranger's Handbook" - probably THE definitive book on small unit combat tactics.

Also, if any of you are interested and can't find any of these, let me know and I can hook you up.


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I can't yet. But I can have plans and goals to do so. I am saving to buy land and a homestead where I can produce most of the things I and my family need to survive, and hope to be able to mostly escape capitalism by doing so. I want as much land as I can get because then I can invite more people to escape capitalism with me, but I know that this is an extremely limited solution - so do as many projects as I can like Tequila Wolf, and I plan on using my escape from capitalism as a base of operations from which to attack capitalism in more system-wide ways once it is established. I don't just want a private escape from capitalism, but I do want to take my family off of it as much as I can.


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Winter is officially here, we've gotten over a foot of snow of the past week and that means I will not see grass or anything other than snow or concrete for the next 5-6 months, the days are short enough that because I work two full-time jobs I now only get to see the sun through windows - it is dark before I leave my day job, it's dark when I drive to and from my night job, and it's usually dark when I drive to my day job...so I am gonna have to be consciously better at finding time to get some sunlight and supplement my vitamin D intake - something I didn't do last winter and I think it really dragged me down over time.

My kiddos are doing really well, homeschooling is pretty good, my partner is finishing an electrician's course and preparing to enter a apprenticeship that she's really excited to start, but that means we gotta figure out what to do with our kids - it might mean having to put them back into public school, which we are both a bit apprehensive of, but we feel pretty trapped. If we were able to support ourselves some way other than capitalism I would gladly quit my jobs and homeschool them, but I'm the main earner and our family is not in a position to be able to let go of that income - especially before we buy a house and some land.

I'm rambling. The important things are going well, capitalism continues to be a hellscape that is literally killing me, but what else is new?