EdwardswitchsHands wrote

Retire shoot never. I don't generate a couple grand a week on luck. usE my insight an knowledge to stay ahead an not caught. I feel as long as I move around area I'll be ok for awhile. The hustle won't last forever especially with the new product security shit coming out, but we must evolve just as they do.


EdwardswitchsHands wrote

Hello, I've been boosting for sometime now, and.mainly hit Wal-Mart's an Sam's. I do this as a career and no joke average about 2-3000 a week at least. I've never been caught an travel states. If your a beginner do not try. Start with getting an S3 alpha security key. Getting one can.be tricky unless u order it. Just cut the fucking thing off an unmanned register an get out of dodge. Remember tho they have rfid inside so put a square piece of foil to wrap it up in after u grab. I like hitting the hp pavilions or the new Samsung ssd. If u don't have an s3 an can't get one use metal picks and punch out the speaker on.the spider wraps then cut it off. I usually go early morning.about 7-9am when the main.shift is.Just coming on an the night security gone home. Dress to.impress no flat bill caps or goodies. Round bills an a button up work best. Timing Is everything so.be patient after u get the product free an clear of the security bullshit if it to big to.conceal. most early morning someone's not at the door or both of.theme at least. If u can.bring a friend.to.run distraction or.intercept any security teams. Never had that problem tho. Sam's I've been making thousands a day so I'm.gonna keep that one to.myself for now . It's well thought out an a little complex but works and I usually don't walk out the front door with anything less than $2000 in products. I'm a career criminal lock picker an active booster so questions or ideas just link or.ask.