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I've been exploring Raddle and saw the book Desert mentioned a couple times, so I read it yesterday.

I liked it a lot. Reading such a realist/cynical take on climate change was refreshing. It might sound weird but it gave me a bit of hope since it focused on survival and not stopping an impending apocalypse.

I'm new to anarchist thought, so some of it probably went over my head. But it was a good read.


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I'm not aware of any concrete proof that phones are always listening. Just a lot of anecdotes about targeted ads and the like. But it's very possible.

The best way to guarantee your phone isn't listening would be to get rid of your phone. That's not very helpful though depending on your circumstances.


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I don't know about kiwi. I admit personally I'm not really a fan of pineapple. But I'm a pineapple ally in the culture war because I think people overreact about it being "gross".