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It's a false positive and it's being treated as "malware" because of the nature of these files i.e patchers/keygens etc. Regardless, you can download it from the source link I included in the post to cross check their hashes.


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Nah, that ship has sailed (heh) IMO. I'm gonna see how Raddle treats stuff like this. Honestly, if all fails, I'll just move this to 8chan (ugh, I know) probably. They don't really give a fuck about anything unless it's CP. I mean, what I'm doing is just distributing a buch of tools and there really isn't any discussion about it in the comments except for asking if it's legit/malware free (unlike this sub) so the 'quality' of platform doesn't matter in that regard.

But I'm hopeful of Raddle for now. Ngl, I'm gonna miss r/piracy. All these communities being on different platforms sucks tbh