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MDMA turned my life around, but only once (the frist time I did it, every other time has been nothing new or changing so I don't plan on doing any more). It was a ton of therapy in one night. It literally cured my depression, so now my suicide will be an aggressive action in the name of liberation rather than a faint whimper in the corner of darkness.


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Yea, it's tough when any conversation involving my partner ends up making me feel like she just has no respect for my partner's wishes and pushes her and I apart further because of it. She even acts like I'm being annoying by pointing out what their preferences are. Thanks, I hope so too. She seems to understand class-war talk, but then she acts like I'm attacking her when pointing out preferences in pronoun usage. I'm not even aggressive about it.


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I tried explaining to my mother about how my partner prefers to be referred to as "they" and she would just outright refuse saying "I only use 'they' to refer to multiple people". I told her that she is being disrespectful and that I know for a fact that that is not the only time she uses 'they'. So I waited until she used it to refer to a single person, and she conceded that she was wrong about that, but said that using "'they' to refer to someone that is obviously a girl is too weird for me". Explaining that this person doesn't identify as "a girl" is not acceptable to her. She also thinks that even intersex people fall on one side or another every time. She literally got mad me for even trying to have this conversation.

Who cares about what binary you have been taught when talking about what people prefer?? why do people not have respect for someone's preferences?


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haha, I'm another whitie and laughing at your fragility right now. You're so self righteous about how terrible it is that we "demean" white people by pointing out the oppressiveness of whiteness while being forced to live in a white supremacist state. If you're not a comrade with the oppressed in intersectional ways, then you're not a comrade at all.


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I got a new skate board today! Love having it for transportation, and it makes for a good weapon!

I've been practicing my "board-fu" and weaponizing it when I need it. I've been thinking a lot lately about carrying useful items that double as self-defense tools, and this is one that has really won me over.

Get fast to a place and hit fash in the face!


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I have witnessed cops driving by a few hippies in a protest to spray them and ended up spraying full on an old woman on the other side of them causing her to collapse on the ground screaming. The cops just kept driving.