What is wrong about, what I have said? When I'm going to piss of some nazis, I would try to keep my identity undercover. Do you remember the guy who punched Richard Spencer? Imagine he would post this on his selfmade hompage, with his name, showing his face etc. Isn't it clear that people will have no problem to find him and tear him apart?



What did this woman actually do, that nazis started to hunt her? Wouldn't it be more smart, to stay anonymous as possible, when you engage against nazis? Isn't it clear, that your enemy will have an easy game, when you spread a ton of information about yourself? "Hello, my name is Ginny McQueen, here is a picture of me and this is the place where I live. I'm gonna to piss you off now, but please don't get the idea to stalk me, thanks." Off course, I don't want to play down her horrible situation, but it is kind of her own fault. And in the end, it doesn't justifies her article, to blame everybody else that she is in constant danger.



I'm in no way supporting the regime in NK, but it outrages me, how the western media is portraying the whole issue. For example, the imperial west is forcing NK to discard their nuclear arsenal, while theyself want to keep their weapons. Or calling NK a "dictatorship". Such hypocrisy!