Dystopia_Drifter wrote

I've always liked zee. In the past a nonbinary friend went by that. She admitted later that due to it being 'foreign' to english/western folks it caused some anxiety at times when she wanted to stay under the radar.

Someday when I'm in a better place (mentally) I'd like to aim for nonbinary pronouns for myself as a preference, I lean masc' so the he/hims don't bother me at the moment in regards to my identity.


Dystopia_Drifter wrote

I've been rocking the new PS VITA CFW 3.65 recently, set up with FFX, XCOM, Metal Gear HD and Don't Starve at the moment. I'm impressed at the hardware for a handheld, I saw an individual boasting online about a functioning Dreamcast emulator on the VITA, they had screenshots of them playing Shenmue while on the bus.

"Would you like.. another?"