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Yes, currently trying to shake off a case of that. I just came back from the doctor, it went something like this:

Me: Hi, apparently I have mental health issues that have gone undiagnosed and untreated. I would like sign up for disability.

Doctor: It says here there has been no history of issues. Prove it

I find assessments particularly taxing: "Hey y'know all that shit you have trouble facing? Bring it to the surface, but we won't offer consultation or tools to navigate that today. No, no, you will have to wait for our call in 3-5 weeks."

I left the medical building overwhelmed with euphoria, I was slowly making my way back home, fumbling shit in my pockets and I dropped my weed. I had to backtrack several blocks but I did find it.


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Ah in all honesty way more time than it's worth. Fortunately I travel a lot on foot so I'm only occasionally going out of my way for 20 or 30 cents.

Shit though, the dumpstering stuff at apartments is a good idea. Years ago a buddy and I would hit this row of green dumpster that stretched several blocks behind an apartment complex at the end/start of the month, there was usable furniture and even discarded electronics, we called it "The Green Mile". I totally forgot about it until your suggestion.


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I found a nice pair of shoes that fit me in a ditch, they are velcro and I feel like I'm 6 years old again. I picked enough cans in this first week of the month to pay my phone bill AND get drunk tonight.


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Story time.

So years ago I frequented a liquidation outlet store, I got friendly with a cashier there, sometimes she'd follow me if she was stocking shelves so we could chat, it turned into casual flirting. One day I go in and get about $50 worth of items, I see the cashier I've been getting friendly with, looking for any excuse to talk with her more I go to her till. We small talk, she's bagging the goods, we laugh together, she continues bagging the goods, I'm feeling confident with our interactions by now so I ask if she'd like my number. She says she's interested so I write down my number as she frantically bags the last couple items. I hand her my number, she smiles and says thanks, tells me to have a good day, I grab my bags and leave.

So.. I'm elated by this interaction while I'm walking home, I reach into my pocket for a lighter and notice I still have all of my money.. I unintentionally used "smoothtalk" to steal. Things is I gave her my real phone number, I was certain I would get a call. I didn't. I was younger at the time and embarrassed so I never went back. I wasn't wealthy at the time so I was pretty excited for the food, but I have always wondered if there were repercussions for the cashier due to the nature of the theft.


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I hit bandcamp pretty hard, search tag words I search discographies of artists I enjoy pretty thoroughly for 'split' albums and compilations featuring other artists then search those, which has been fruitful in finding bands with common interest to the ones already on my playlists. Every once in awhile I'll hear an individual in a social situation playing a niche song I'm familiar with and go out of my way to pick their brain.

Here's a couple recommendations within the genre's you prefer.

Mischief Brew (folk-punk)

Ludlow (folk-punk)

Lee Reed (hip-hop)

Blackbird Raum (folk-punk/riot-folk)

The Rebel Spell (punk)

For some of the more common or oldies I've stumbled across blogspots with large libraries, like this blogspot. They've got a ton, from Against All Authority - Voodoo Glow Skulls - Leftover Crack - Streetlight Manifesto

Here's Another Link to a forum with posts and file hosts.

I love talking music, feel free to message me. if you're in search of more recommendations. I steer clear from problematic lyrics as much as I can.