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three men are sitting in a jail cell in dzerzhinksy square. the first asks the second why he has been arrested, and he responds, "because i criticised karl radek". the first man is surprised. "but i am here because i spoke out in favour of radek!" they turn to the third man and ask him why he is in jail. he answers, "i'm karl radek".


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i have to admit i'm really sick of people spewing "anti-zionism is not anti-semitism!" like trained parrots without committing to an honestly non-anti-semitic critique of israel

like, yeah, it's true. you can (and should) be anti-zionist without being anti-semitic, and many can be anti-semitic while very much being pro-israel (something that often goes to the wayside in these discussions). but that doesn't change the fact that there is a lot of anti-semitism in the anti-zionist movement


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some classic trad metal, some classic trad goth, some dusty old blues

been thinking of listening to megadeth more seriously? dave mustaine has always put me off because a) he sings like that and b) he is dave mustaine but of course all my metalhead friends love the band and i've been wondering what i'm missing


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you may have missed all the tumblr posts in like 2016 calling people acephobic for assuming asexuals could never enjoy sex

or all the people celebrating "non-sexual kink" with regard to asexuality

and again, if people wanna do that stuff and still consider themselves asexual like, i'm not here to tell them they can't, i'd feel like an invasive weirdo for doing that

but i really don't think this construction of sexuality should be universalised! ace discourse seems very adament it should though!


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the sexuality of people of colour is especially policed and demonised in the west

obviously straight poc still have have straight privilege but white aces suggesting it is possible to be privileged for being "sexual" is just... blatantly racist to me


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honestly i am not the identity police, people can identify however they like, they can define what "sexuality" means for them in their own personal lives, even if they are defining it as something alienating to them personally

but nobody's ever really been able tell me what this "sexual attraction" (which asexual people apparently lack) even is without dehumanising "sexuals", or assigning predatory instincts to "sexuality", or treating "allosexuals" as inherently sexual creatures, all of which i would call rape culture

nobody has been able tell me how a cis man who exclusively pursues relationships with women, confesses exclusive romantic interest in women, but identifies as asexual is materially oppressed on the back of this alone, without essentialising "sexual attraction", assuming systemic rape/compulsory heterosexuality primarily or even exclusively harm asexual people, or erasing gay people's experiences of their own marginalisation. and nobody can give me a good reason why "heteromantic asexual" people can, uh, reclaim "queer".

i have been told that asexual people can still have sex, obviously, because sex feels good and can strengthen a romantic bond with a partner! which like, isn't sexuality? apparently???? it's not so much that i'm trying to deny that asexual people can identify with that label but i really object to "sexuality" being publicly restricted to like, this instinctive carnal urge to fuck anyone who meets your standards regardless of circumstance, because that is absolutely not how sexuality works for anybody who isn't a predator.

so i'm really, really not saying people can't identify as asexual. all i really ask is that this super weird construction of sexuality isn't universalised, normalised, or forced onto anyone because is it exactly the kind of thing has been used to demonise gay people since "homosexuality" had any meaning as a category

and for god's sake don't tell people they have "sexual privilege", this is super homophobic and pretty racist as well