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not invested in whatever debate spawned this post but heterosexuality isn't just an orientation or an identity, its an institution of patriarchal social reproduction in the first place. correct that its not the cause of patriarchy because patriarchy predates it but its part and parcel of how patriarchy is lived in the modern age


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spinach leaf. maggie can go fuck herself, prelasparian feudalist fuckhead. i'm cancelling this frog


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i guess i don't necessarily regret reading academic theory because it's bad -- tho i'm not saying its good either -- but because i tried to grapple with it before i was really equipped to understand the conversations & debates this stuff is all written in response to, which led to a lot of embarassing confusions & misunderstandings on my part. when really just reading marx and other communist stuff would have been a better use of my time at that fertile stage

academic marxism is... not great, on the whole, i will grant you that. aside from that i'd say foucault has his place. no time for derrida or deleuze tho


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wouldn't say it's necessarily ecofash but it probably matters that there were actual ex-nazis among its earliest proponents, without even getting into the likes of linkola and foreman. but the misanthropy, eugenics, malthusianism, racism -- i mean that sounds like most people's description of eco-fascism, but that's just as easily lib shit half the time. anyway here's a critique from an actual anprim, ironically hitting on a lot of stuff people ding anprims for nowadays. quite frankly i have always found the fact this essay exists hilarious, though i wish he went harder on them for the malthusianism


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i don't want to make this about me and the last thing we need right now is anti-zionist jews continuing to centre themselves at the expense of palestinians but: i wavered on this shit for a long time, far longer than should be remotely excusable, and part of the reason was the constant arm-twisting from even my "anti-zionist" friends and family members pressuring me not do a "blood libel" by seeing the colonisation of palestine for what it is. for years i resorted to calling it "ethnic cleansing" exclusively because that was the furthest i could go without being accused of internalised antisemitism, and i wasn't confident enough in my own convictions to face that. i know that's a first world problem, and don't get me wrong, i don't bring this up to earn pity points or monologue about my "experiences as an ally" because i'd never show my face in public if i ever caught myself doing that, but i want to point out that even people who claim to support palestinians, even sincerely, can turn around and minimise the consequences of the israeli state project

like i know nobody here would expect better from mark ruffalo but this shit makes me miserable because seeing big names like him calling might at least, and i do mean at least, be taken as a sign that the acceptable discourse on palestine was moving in the right direction. but no, i guess not