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yeah it's funny he actually connects the "barbarism" of black ghettos and indigeneous reservations to a putative cultural decay following the degeneration (the word bookchin actually uses!) of the new left into "postmodernism". you'd think it was textbook right-wing culture warring if you didn't know it was coming from him but it's the petit-boug/lumpen lifestylists who are the real reactionaries obviously


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it's bookchin's coinage, and like many terms he flung around its value is purely polemical. supposedly signifies anarchism as a lifestyle politics -- which is more popular among bohemian gentrifiers than the racialised, lumpen boogeymen bookchin attacked* -- but in practice it's more of a snarl word for individualist anarchists. anyone who uses it (positively or negatively) is a fool

*i mean really:

Alas, the barbarians are already here — and the ‘Roman holiday’ in today’s American cities flourishes on crack, thuggery, insensitivity, stupidity, primitivism, anticivilizationism, antirationalism, and a sizable dose of ‘anarchy’ conceived as chaos. Lifestyle anarchism must be seen in the present social context not only of demoralized black ghettoes and reactionary white suburbs but even of Indian reservations, those ostensible centers of ‘primality,’ in which gangs of Indian youths now shoot at one another, drug dealing is rampant, and ‘gang graffiti greets visitors even at the sacred Window Rock monument,’ as Seth Mydans reports in The New York Times (March 3, 1995).

fucking racist freak


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I was just curious to hear other opinions because I have seen quite a few nonvegan anarchists that could go vegan but don't. It doesn't make much sense. How can you be against hierarchy when you participate in a unnecessary one for your own pleasure?

this is the kind of argument that legitimately doesn't stand up to the "no ethical consumption" response, as much as i cringed typing that.

as an omnivorous anarchist i have to admit there's a lot vegans are right on and conceiving of human liberation without animal liberation is really hard. actually impossible tbh, bare minimum industrial animal agriculture/slaughter needs to go. but vegan activism is fucking useless and i don't think the prospect of an all-vegan world is feasible or all that appealing


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arch-communiser gilles dauve once referred to communism as a world without moral order. come to your own conclusions, lol

(that essay has its own serious problems -- read it and you'll see what i mean -- but i don't think dauve could be accused of moralism)


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I don't believe the individual and the social/"communal" to be at odds and i don't think anarchist individualists tend to either. i appreciate you're probably pointing towards the productivism, workerism, and institutionalism of mls and trots (and libetarian municipalists since you mention rojava) but communisation as a tendency is very much in opposition to all that. unless you're using "communisation" as a term of art here?


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i was expecting something that was actually about communization instead of parochial leftists. insofar as some of these complaints actually have merit, communization avoids the problem handily

aside from that it's just confused. class struggle is exactly about proletarian self-abolition, not asserting the proletariat as the subject-object of history.


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here's dauve on work:

"To work is to count time and save it, which implies quantifying the average energy expenditure needed to produce this or that: exactly what Marx rightly calls value."

as in, an instrumental rationality for the maximisation of efficiency. sounds a lot like what ellul called technique don't it


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actually considering abandoning the anti-civ label cos it's becoming clear to me that a lot of what i meant in labelling myself as such is already implicit in communism. i.e. the opposition to productivism and work would necessarily change a lot about socio-technics if actualised.

labour itself is the instrumentalisation of the human body, the integration of the body into a machine, the creation of a machine with human components, what lewis mumford called the megamachine. we talk a lot about "automation" these days but modern labour is itself part of that story -- meaning separating labour in capitalism from the industrial system as we know it is incoherent.

so the opposition to work is necessarily a critical perspective on capitalist technics! ain't that nice.


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oh, and the other thing: the argument is that callout practices individualise everything at the expense of structural critique. okay, maybe, yeah that makes sense to me actually. but then also one journo from fleet street is singlehandedly responsible for reviving working class consciousness.

forgive me for speaking ill of the dead but it's hard to take seriously claims of the corruptive influence of middle class students on the british left from a lecturer at goldsmith's.


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the appreciable good me too did was that it became a bit less likely for women to get sexually abused or harassed in their workplaces, and now might even access some meaningful accountability sometimes. all that probably makes it worth it in the long run. but it can't actually inflict revenge in most cases nor address the underlying causes of what we'd call "rape culture". in retrospect harvey weinstein's arrest is probably gonna be the peak of the movement. even kevin spacey escaped criminal charges and now has nothing to do but rot in his mansions and post a new youtube video message every christmas. and it's not like anybody but a libfem was gonna expect calling on the criminal justice system to work out.

but if we're on the topic of sexual abuse, a subject fisher never broached in his article: isn't a bit fucked up that he wrote that piece in the wake of the swp rape scandal? he avoided any mention of it, but it's hard to imagine a dude as plugged-in to the goings on of the british activist left as mark fisher didn't know about it. is that fishy to you or is it just me?

maybe that should be the real takeaway from all this. don't expect carceral or institutional systems to protect the marginalised, don't get invested in debates about cancel culture, but regard socialist rape cults with unmitigated hostility.