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WHY are there people self-identifying as oogles. WHY are there people calling themselves "anti-communists but not racist". i am no communist but we all should be anti-anti-communists


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there's really no capitalist solution to crisis of social reproduction that DOESN'T involve forcing (certain kinds of) people into reproductive and/or care labour, commodified or otherwise - - meaning everything we'd put in the categories of "patriarchy", "white supremacy", and "border imperialism"


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the fact that you think there is a "stage" of human development that is "most advanced" (suggesting that others are "more primitive") is already reason enough for me to oppose whatever you're calling "civilisation"


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i, for one, don't hate kropotkin. he's an important part of the history of the anarchist movement even if he's not really what you'd call a sophisticated theorist, and there's a lot that he wrote that is quite clearly of its time

he's also not my idol, and deifying him does justice to nobody, let alone him. but if you're saying gender is an "individual thing" then you might want to check what he has to say about the emancipation of women in the conquest of bread

and if you're about to say class struggle will simply do away with gender divides, let me tell you that it's necessary but not sufficient


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I would say literally every financial class in the US is worse off than their parents were

i mean... part of stratification is that the richest get richer, but yeah, immiseration isn't only happening to middle class millennials. it's just that for those who aren't the narrative isn't so much "my boomer parents had a comfortable living but now i do not", ya know

They could've continued the fight but they didn't.

they very much did! were that not the case i doubt reagan would have spent so much time bustin' unions


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a lot of people know that they don't have the advantages that their parents had, and they're right to be angry - though that only makes sense to you if you're the kind of person who comes from a background of relative privilege in the first place

like, i hope i don't come across as flippant about this - - downward mobility is often times a euphemism for proletarianisation, and i don't want to be a part of any movement that doesn't take that seriously. but my patience wears very very thin when people assume all old people are as wealthy as their parents. what's a fancy marxian-sounding term i can use here? oh yeah: false consciousness.


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i mean "ok, boomer" is just kind of political catharsis, for the reasons you stated. i get the joke. it's a pretty funny one, and it's satisfying to tell. a lot of people know that they don't have the advantages that their parents had, and they're right to be angry - though that only makes sense to you if you're the kind of person who comes from a background of relative privilege in the first place, or else it more looks more like the noose of intergenerational deprivation is tightening, which happened to a lot of boomers as well. but yeah. good joke.

But damn, once they said "Ok, Boomer", the damn internet lost its mind.

see in the wake of that dumbass "boomer is a slur" take, a lot of people have let on that they genuinely believe being old is a position of privilege, when... like, from where i'm standing the appropriate response to that tweet would be "ok, boomer", lol. because while you're right that the rich live longer than the poor (and that being lgbt or belonging to a racial minority is likely to seriously impact your life expectancy), the flipside of that is that disadvantaged people who do live into old age are not afforded the resources to stay alive! which is why i'm reticent to accept any notion of old people as entitled leeches, coming, as i said, from a country where social care is being dragged through the shit, where are lot of working class people of retirement age are being forced into work because their pensions can't cover their rising living expenses.


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middle-class millennials, despairing that a university education can no longer securely afford them the same life that their parents had, address boomers as if none of them know what living in poverty means

shouting at old people for taking up all the jobs, when we all know they have pensions to fall back on! silly boomers, you can afford not to work

really does seem to me that some people assume all boomers are rich!


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the gigantic hole china blew in the global waste trade by banning plastic waste imports

the west's response was basically "... okay, how about malaysia? vietnam?", which, of course, do not have the infrastructure to handle all this shit, so the only option they've had is to follow china's lead

result: our entire system of plastic waste disposal is fucked! one of the most legitimately anti-imperialist things china's done in recent years, yet i never see the dengists talking about it