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I use an Amazon Kindle but I never turn on the wifi.

I load everything with Calibre. My main source of books are Haymarket, AZ, and the Gutenberg Project.

Calibre is nice because it permits all kinds of file transcription an I've been using it for at least 6 years - probably longer - with 2 Kindles and a Sony ereader.


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I'm appropriately sandboxed and coming in through either TOR or a VPN.


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If you read Hanna Arendt's The Origins of Totalitarianism, you learn about the Boers' development of modern-day racism as a means of maintaining control for themselves, the British Empire's co-optation of the racism for the purposes of maintaining imperialism, and it's resulting incorporation into nationalistic thinking in Europe post-WWI.


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Wow. They certainly have it out for this site. Out to "trigger the libs" no doubt.

From what I scrolled through (including the main site) doesn't amount to much more than reactionary school-boy bullshit.

They also seen incapable of separating communism from ostensibly "communist" totalitarian-controlled state capitalism. While I didn't see it specifically, I suspect there's a lot of "the Nazis were socialists because it's in their name" over there as well. The not-so-subtle nuance of the ostensible government versus the actual power structure/hierarchy is lost on such people.


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Are you familiar with the Haymarket Affair and the subsequent impact on the labor movement? Are you aware of the anarchists who organized the 8 hour workday movement in the US and the international strikes in solidarity?

Anarchism has had more than "some cultural" influence and anyone familiar with history (specifically labor history) would know it. For example, the wildcat #redfored teachers strikes were lead and facilitated by IWW members. One of the founding members of the IWW was Lucy Parsons - wife of Albert Parsons. Both Lucy and Albert we're Anarchists. Albert was framed for murder and killed by Illinois for speaking at the meeting at Haymarket. Lucy continued their work which lead to the IWW and considerable impact on the Labor Movement as well as politics and free speech rights (look up "soapboxing" and Frank Little).

So I believe an ill-informed dismissal of Anarchism as something that hasn't had real world impacts is ignorant and uninformed.

Here's "some cultural" impacts anarchists have had:

  • 8 hour work day (in US)
  • Fought fascist Franco regime in the Spanish Civil War
  • Equality of the sexes (look up Emma Goldman in particular)
  • The weekend
  • Abolishment of child labor
  • Solidarity Unionism
  • Free speech rights
  • Civil Rights (many of the tactics used by the IWW would late be adapted by the civil Rights movement)
  • Fighting against Syria in Rojova
  • (for me locally) teaching people first aid, providing free food to the homeless, and Narcan training

There's more that can be added but I'm on my phone. People can add in replies if they like.