DontThinkJustTake wrote

Yeah, this is a Michael’s. Staff there isn’t too smart; they’ve left cameras out before or just put them in Clearance. I think this one has slightly wisened up w the case idea, but every other one makes you ask about markers and supervises you as you look through a bin—so I still feel they’re a bit behind. Not gonna go back for a very long time regardless, thankfully it’s one I don’t go to much anyways.


DontThinkJustTake wrote

Sephora in JCP is usually not worth it, because JCP LP rules apply to it and as far as I know they usually can get hands on. That being said, they usually have a display near the outside of the store in JCP, like rack or along the outer edge. Easiest and blindest place to pick something from, palm it, and walk off. You should still be outside the Sephora kinda or just inside it when you do this (that’s the outer shelving for ya). Just act like you’re checking stuff out. Don’t dawdle in JCP.