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If you're gonna go into lifting, you gotta stay chill with a mindset that what you're doing isn't bad as society conditioned you to think. Act casual, like you own the items you're lifting. Find a place out of people's and camera's view (something like a small alley hidden by shelves) and quickly conceal, don't sweat over it, don't be paranoid. Employees are overworked and won't care if you look the part (confident / normal shopper) see other comment


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Risky going to the same store so much, I guess it was a random LP being the hero when they saw you that one time, since if they were building cases why was nothing done in 2 years + why wouldn't they let you walk out. I'd stay clear of the store for a while.. And no wear a mask, covid is over, you stand out more. Try a baseball cap in hot weather.


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If you mean ordinary barcodes on a pack of gum, crisps, food... bruh, those are for inventory / scanning at checkout purposes, they don't set of alarms. If your grocery store has towers its because they have a section for higher end items like some electronics or power tools that ARE protected by extra tags, such as plastic "hard tags". And only walking out with these tagged items would set of towers. I live in Europe too. Stay safe out there.