DoYouReallyWantToHurtMe wrote

Were you the buyer or the seller.

If yo were the seller you can still open a case with Paypal. You will need to call the 800 number to have the case notes logged. You will likely lose as Paypal almost always sides with the buyer.

If you were the buy just dispute everything through your credit card. You will lose your PayPal account but you should win with your credit card.


DoYouReallyWantToHurtMe wrote

How much did you lift? Did you damage the packaging or lift items like meat that can not be put back on the shelf?

If the store has to write off a large amount they may threaten you with prosecution. I have known a few people where the store did press charges because the amount was over a grand but under a felony level. I also know of one case where the store went to civil court and won their case forcing the person to pay. The person did not pay but the store filed to garnish their wages so they did eventually get their money.