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I'm 22 years old! I remember the day and even what I was wearing when I first started to worry about it.

For some background I was super underweight in 6th grade. I was 57 lbs and had a BMI of about 14-15. It was enough that I got calls home about it from school. I didn't have an ED and actually ate a ton. I just was pretty sick with random illnesses. I was always very used to being "the skinny one".

So then I gained quite a bit of weight when I went through puberty. So at the end of 8th grade I was about 95 lbs. I remember my mom distinctly telling me "you got fat" and poking my stomach. And I was still underweight then. So I started to gain even more weight and since then have been going back and forth with it. Binging and restricting and losing and gaining.

I would say that it really decide to stick with me around 18 years old.


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So, Peach is an app you get on your phone. It's kind of like a little diary! You connect with people by finding their usernames (there were some peach mega threads recently with people to connect with on EDAnon) and can see what each other post.

I think that it can be fun, but the format is kind of limiting. You only see friends content and there aren't really titles to the posts so they dont go by topic. It can be kind of confusing and things get buried if you have a lot of friends and people dont only use it for ED topics (but a lot do).

If you decide to join tell me your username!

As for the Discord, they aren't letting people join at the moment because there are like 1000 people there and they were having trouble keeping everything under control. They said they will let more people join towards the end of the year/early January!

And I would be interested in joining a Kik group!


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Yeah, peach feels a little.. claustrophobic? Especially since the topics are all over the place it's hard to have a discussion. Also, there's a lot of content I want to see from people I might not necessarily be "friends" with.

I am using r/EDAnonymous so I don't have reddit withdrawal lol. It seems like a good handful of people are there too.


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Yeah, I feel pretty similar in regards to reddit's admins. It was a safe place for so many of us.

What pisses me off is that we were shut down for promoting self-harm, but there are literal self-harm and cutting and gore subreddits that are fine.

Hell, there are even subreddits that promote the harm of others. Or sexually super fucking misogynistic subreddits that were just quarantined...