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That strategy seems needlessly confrontational, and delusionally hostile. Promoting less meat consumption requires cultural change, and that has to be willing. Focus on peacefully promoting progressive change by going to pot-lucks. Offer meat-free choices of cuisine, and hype up how good it is. Culture jamming is an effective tactic for promoting change at a meaningful level.


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Yes and No.

Planting trees is a good first step, but that alone won't solve the climate change problem. We need to focus on carbon capture and sequestration. That means we need to plant trees, let them grow to full size, cut them down and bury/freeze them, and then plant more trees.

If you just plant a tree then when it dies the carbon it's captured will just be released back into the environment. If you let that happen then you're just wasting your efforts. Once the tree is grown you need to cut it down, ship it to Antarctica, and plant another tree.