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what helps me is avoiding the excessive boredom and emptiness by lifting. most times i lift and give it away to a hobo around the corner, family, needy people, i rarely lift for $, it's only for the rush and to be doing something. send me a pm we can talk if you're still around


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since jan 2 2019...so yes. mattress I had a friend we just looked down, did a walkout with mattress. paper plates. 2 blocks away took off papers. sears was empty because a hobo causing a ruckus outside and all the employees went to watch completely ignoring other customers on the way. took a chance. leaving the state in a month, go big or go home its all the same penalty $1000 or $25000

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told them I bought floor model already paid with receipt (flashed a random receipt I found on top in trash bin) and needed help loading it. they asked me if I talked to a manager about transportation. .. said yep. nobody earning $10/hr really cares and didnt follow protocol.


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L0w3s: doorbells $250x3, lawn mower $400, refrigerator $1200, electrical wire spools $3000

HD: lawn mower $500, power tool combo $400x5

T@rget: xbox accessories $500, 3ds $200, all the gummy worms $50

W@lfart: 55" tv 2x$1500

BBB: queen blanket set with comforter $450, coffee makers 3x$200

Harbor Fright: misc junk $250

Groceries: ~$200

Sears: king mattress (from floor, dont ask how) $2000 Sitting at $14.7k so far. Moving in a month and gotta have that gas money yo...


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Having BPD (Borderline personality) and fighting constant suicidal thoughts, lifting helps me not feel so empty all the time. I lift to afford meds, therapy appts, food and gas. The rest is stuff homeless people usually need like blankets pillows etc. Our so called richest nation cant afford food and warm blankets to its citizens in need but helps feed the rest of the world first? or sky high med bills that other countries provide for very little or free?