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Trump’s misogyny is not the historical moralistic misogyny. Traditional misogyny blames women for the lustful, licentious and powerful urges that men sometimes feel in their presence. In this misogyny, women are the powerful, disgusting corrupters—the vixens, sirens and monsters.

This is new?? I've seen this as long as I can remember. I feel like a kid.

Anyway, great article. Definitely saving this.


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It would depend a lot on the nature of the civil war. How are the groups organized? How big are they? What are their ideologies? What's prompted them to start fighting? Does the government back any of them? Where are their bases of operation?

I'm Canadian, I've completed the firearms safety course and have the paperwork (haven't applied for a license yet because I live in uni and don't want to get on a watch list), my hands are extremely well coordinated, but my feet not so much, and it's honestly kind of hard for me to imagine a civil war starting here. I'm sure it will start in America and might spread here, but I don't think it'll start here.

If we're talking urban warfare, I'd start by getting a rifle (I'm sure that if we're actively in a civil war, I won't need a Possession and Acquisition License and my safety course certificate will be enough) and posting up in a tall building near a location of interest (building the bad guys want to destroy, like a mosque or synagogue) to defend it as best as I can. Any steps I take beyond that will depend on a bunch of factors.


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This kind of thinking leads to a lot of collateral damage. Yeah, some people are serial killers and offending pedophiles, but you shouldn't deny everyone else the right to privacy just to catch that tiny percentage of people. Same with not signing up for organ donation to make sure you don't save a murderer.


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If by "you", you mean a hacker, not really. Data in transit (traveling from the client's device to the server) is encrypted with HTTPS, which is effectively impossible to break. The only way a hacker could intercept your password is if they catch it before it leaves your device, which is really hard to do.

If you mean the server, then yeah, it can sign someone else in as you if it wants (as far as I know). It doesn't need to intercept or guess your password to do that, though.