Defasher wrote (edited )

Was a good example of that the other day.

A newcomer was talking about their experiences being homeless.

Someone chimes in to tell them not to use the word 'homeless' because it's offensive, and to say 'houseless' instead.


Toxic idpol like that should be against the ToS imo. Just makes people want nothing to do with us.


Defasher wrote (edited )

You lot are taking that luxury space communism meme a little too seriously.

If you're justifying statism because you want to explore the galaxy, you weren't born in the right century.

Anyway, anarchism isn't against hierarchy, it's against vertical hierarchy. We can appoint people to perform functions in our fictional futuristic societies too.


Defasher wrote (edited )

Anarchism isn't for the privileged. It's for the 'pirates' who are forced to take from you lot to survive. It's for the people.

The police exist to protect the rich from us. Your militaries exist to steal from us and enrich you and yours.

You're asking how anarchism is gonna benefit your privilege. It aint. It'll make you our equal.