Defasher wrote (edited )

I'm starting to feel like it's a waste of time. There's so many of them, spending the energy to get someone to oppose capitalism is like a drop in the ocean. Even if they speak out against capitalism, or go to a protest, is it really going to change the world? Shit is piling up faster than we can compost it.

I worked on someone for years, they seemed like they were finally getting it, but then they tell me they're -- let's just say doing some ultra capitalist shit with some money their gran left them. And telling me how people who don't 'know how to make their money work for them' are lazy and deserve to be left behind by society.


Defasher wrote (edited )

I propose we run away from security nightmares like fashit and make this place better so everyone else will be willing to run to safety too.

Besides, even trying to talk sense to the white straight male anarchists on reddit is like trying to break cement with a spoon. Liberals will just downvote us into the basement on their subs and accuse us of being 'conspiracy theorists'. Best strategy is to link to good (non political) raddle threads on liberal subs and get them hooked to raddle - like people do with sudo's open source reviews. Then they'll find the more radical stuff themselves.