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All I need is the testimony of the Jewish people who were in the camps, and the nazi documents weren't released by the nazis deliberately, so your point isn't as astute as you think it is. Trusting a genociding state's PR statements on the genocide is not the same as trusting classified documents seized after that state collapses.


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because giving equal consideration to both the nazi and the jewish perspective on the holocaust is oh so reasonable

this site is going to shit


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what's it like being that piece of shit that clings to the side of the bowl no matter how many times you flush?


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After the fucked up queerbashing threats sent to various raddle users by users of this forum, there will be no more tolerance for bigotry. Either follow the rules or get the fuck out.

Utter one more whiny fucking word and you're permabanned. Try me.


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paranoia is a bitch

Change this to "paranoia is a fuck" or something or I'll have to delete your post for misogyny.


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Most of the stuff you mentioned wasn't posted to the thread until after I linked to it on r/@ and caused the discussion there to take off. When I linked to it, it was almost exclusively filled with brocialism. Unfortunately I don't have an archive that represents that timeframe.


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This is the post it was in response to, since deleted:

This comment especially:

[–]Drunk_King_Robert Anarcho-Communist

These people exist right now! We've just come out of a global recession, the recovery is only helping the top-end-of-town and instead of getting people excited about a brighter tomorrow we're getting bogged down in the liberation of minorities. Nobody will be liberated under capitalism.