DeathToAmerica wrote (edited )

The line between social and individual anarchy gets more and more blurred as social anarchists integrate egoism into their theory. Of course, a lot of them just do it for the memes, but it still impacts their politics.

There are also Mutualists and other pre-communist anarchists who fall squarely under the individualist banner. Anprims too.

I don't care for Stirner, but I approach anarchy from an anticiv position, so can't be described as a social anarchist.


DeathToAmerica wrote (edited )

Americans are responsible for burying their heads in the sand and not even lifting a finger to protest as their state turns entire countries into rubble. Your inaction is as bad as anything your state does to us. And you pleading with us not to fight back unless it causes communist revolution is even worse than inaction.


DeathToAmerica wrote (edited )

The majority of the population would sooner see you shot for threatening the status quo than join you. The propaganda from the state is too embedded in their skulls. Their self interests are too dependent on the success of their military's genocides. Only downtrodden outsiders that can barely keep a roof over our heads are willing to embrace dangerous thinking like communism.

Their idea of revolution is for Bernie/Hilary to give them more benefits or for Trump to build a wall. That's as far as 99.9% of those wretched souls are willing to go.

The only militias being formed are far right. They're the only people that have the numbers and the will to swarm the king's castle. To make things worse. The American left was wiped out nearly a century ago.

Americans are a lost cause. Their labor and tributes prop up the most violent totalitarian empire in history. They willingly prop up an institution that slaughters children for oil and calls it liberty. The inaction of the people is deliberate. They couldn't care less what their gov does to the rest of the world. They only protest when their own blood-soaked privileges are threatened. The cries of brown children buried under rubble don't even register to their ears.

America is the problem. It's complete collapse is the only chance the rest of the world has for survival.

Luckily, that new tax plan has just ended the empire's reign. It's only a matter of time before the bricks begin to twitch now.