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It's weird someone so poorly understands Anarchists that they don't get or support sex work, but I actually don't care much what your opinion actually is, so you do you Boo.

You have a lot to learn about the less sh*tty parts of the world brah.


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Why is that your business?

Some of us work for men just like him and despite what you've seen on tv most of them are "just guys". He shouldn't be scammed and we shouldn't be scammed. We should team up and scam the government and corporate America.

So John shaming IS also Whore shaming. Please don't do that unless the man has been violent or cheat us!


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This is almost always a scam. Carding is the Loch Ness Monster of scams.

Be thankful they forgot the "guide"


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I haven't shared this concealment method previously. Like the user above I don't do chemicals. I live in an MJ legal state and that's good enough for me.

For everyone else, there are two magic items to consider for maximum effectiveness: Mylar bags and activated charcoal!

Drug dogs have a sensitivity 100,000 times your nose. You literally cannot just vacuum seal a package and pray. You could put your sealed package in an airtight jar with water surrounding it and a dog will most likely still smell it! We need a better defense than just air-tight seals!

That's not nearly enough.

What you can do however will make your packages a little bigger but much more well-protected.

First, seal your product in its own bag. Make sure it's a good seal. Beyond that, it really doesn't matter.

Next place the sealed product in a mylar bag. Buy Activated Charcoal pellets (the best kind are for water features, like a fountain in someone's yard). Drop a good number in the bottom.


Activated charcoal is a structure full of open atomic bonds! In other words, Millions of little carbon molecules just dying for something to stick to them, and even odors will do so! Activated Charcoal can bring someone with Tylenol Toxicity back from the brink, it can def work for us too!

Now seal your Mylar bag airtight with an iron.


I wouldn't trust this alone to a dog's nose! Remeber, it's 100,000 times stronger than our nose. Our smelly original package is leaking through its seal into that mylar and the charcoal is doing its job... but what are the odds a molecule escapes?

High enough to take another step.

The real protection is in a second layer!

Take that sealed mylar bag, put it in another mylar bag, and dump more activated charcoal inside the second bag. Seal airtight with an iron.

Put in shippingbox and mail.

Stay safe. Stay outta prison.


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Focus more on small things that mess with facial recognition. You'd have to research it for flaws, as I'm not directly familiar, but there are quite a few to exploit.

One of the biggest issues is aggregate damage at one chain.

One facial rec pop, and they search for you amongst their existing data. (Wal-Mart does this for sure, not sure who else)

SO let's say you steal a pack of gum and get caught. By itself, a ticket and gtfo, but Wal-Mart puts your face in its system and suddenly you're nabbed for several thousand in gum and catch a felony.

Stay frosty


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To me this is pretty awful and I lowkey want you get caught and get a good butt whooping.

Scamming Corporate America: Yes Scamming poor people: You're part of the problem.