Datardaci OP wrote (edited )

The vilain Javier threatens Albert to do something for Lisa. Lisa isn't in the wrong, because she wasn't aware and even If she was aware but chose to not deny Albert to perform X action, doesn't mean that she is the evil one (she can be scared that Albert will be killed for instance etc.)

The vilain Javier is at fault, because he is the one threatening


Datardaci OP wrote (edited )

My point still holds true, wage labour is voluntary.

Let's say that some guy, threatened me and said that I had to pay extortion fee/ransom money. I sell something (my computer/land...etc) to give the money to the thugs. I voluntarily sold my stuff, I decided to do it, I decided to react to the threat this way.

The thugs threatening me is the problem (and that's what isn't voluntary)

So, your problem now is the ethics of land ownership?