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Dude, I'm an anarchist and I'm not anti-gun. If you'd bother to read around here you'd know we're not fond of liberals. We're not liberals. We're leftists.

Secondly, allowing fascists to speak unopposed only allows them to recruit. They aren't interested in honest debate and never were. They don't work with facts.

Thirdly, uh, my dude, you came here complaining about black bloc tactics, which is protest. We're not anti-protest, we're anti-fascist.

I want to note that despite your complaining about the left, you haven't actually provided any examples to back up or clarify your claims, although you complain of us not providing you with "evidence" above.


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I honestly can't tell if you're a poe or not, but I'll answer anyway.

Don't assume what I mean, first of all. I don't mean something unless I state it, and if you have any question about what I mean, then ask.

By "mainstream values" I mean values that are generally accepted by society. Things like "the police are good" or "you have to be nice to people who disagree with you." Things kids are generally taught as good. These things are being questioned now, so you see less of this, but several years ago, people wouldn't have questioned them too much.

And yes, that sometimes means having controversial stances on free speach and platforming.


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violent commies and upstanding citizens

I don't think you're here for honest discussion, if this framing is any indication. I don't really have the time to address all the because I'm at work and good god is there a lot to address, but I will say that it will behoove you to lurk more and read some of the information posted in the various antifascist/anarchist/communist subraddles. That's what you should be doing if you want to understand us.

P.S. The black bloc is one tactic that some antifascists use, it is not the entirety of the antifascist movement.


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From someone also struggling with this: it helps to build habits and attempt to break old ones.

To break old habits that sabotage your long term goals, it helps to make it harder to do those habits in the first place. Place an obstacle between you and that thing, or just something that makes you think about what you're doing.

When you break an old habit, replace it with a new one. There are habit building apps for this, but I find them useless because I ironically don't get into the habit of using them.

What I did was get two white boards. One showed the days of the week where I planned my week out as far as the daily or weekly habits I wanted to do so I could keep up with how often I did them on a weekly basis. The other white board was just a regular blank whiteboard. I divided it into three sections: not done, in process, done. I wrote chores and habits on sticky notes and put them in the appropriate place on the board. This method lasted longer for me than any app I used because it created a more immediate sense of satisfaction when I got things done and motivation to keep them up on a short term basis.


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I think there needs to be made a clear line between calling someone out for bad behavior and harassment, whatever the guidelines end up being. The dunking on ziq was frequent between certain people and it grew to a level where I was becoming uncomfortable with participating in the chat. People make mistakes but that shouldn't be used as a way to alienate them from the rest of the community, as long as they don't pose a danger to anyone.