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I liked it thanks, gave me a lot to think and differ a lot of the usual left analysis of the current pandemic. Seems that there are some in academia that is moving to a more pessimistic approach, and I think is a necessary move. Besides that, there are no better capitalist experts than Marxists.

Disaster socialism, corona Keynesianism, mutant neoliberalism, state capitalism, covid communism—yes, please!

(...)like Kissinger and the Queen, neoliberalism just won’t die


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(...)a moment of capitalist globalization, in which a planetary sovereign arises who could declare the emergency and decide on the exception in the name of saving all.

Terran empire foreshadow


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For some time this was my plan, go to a Rasta permaculture farm back in my home country to learn the basics, like how a citydweller can survive growing food and stuff.. But then I decided to try the life in EU, and I don't regret it, but this plan was postponed..