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Let me get first on the factors and the obstacles first before we proceed because I get your concern. Because there's actually a really small pool of heinous crimes to choose from, let's examine two cases Junko Furuta's and our own Mayor Antonio Sanchez in our country. Because both perfectly illustrate two of the main factors to conviction, evidence and power.

In the case of Junko Furuta, it took a mere 2 months to arrest her killers, not only because the evidence was laid out, but also confessions, DNA evidence and a huge factor when discussing Anarchism, a swift arrest when presented with such insurmountable evidence. The main obstacle of her ordeal were again power and negligence. The killers were Yakuza underlings and the utter failure of state organs

Two police officers were dispatched to the Minato house; however, they were informed that there was no girl inside. The police officers declined an invitation to look around the house, believing the invitation alone was sufficient proof that there was nothing untoward to be found. Both officers faced considerable backlash from the community. Had they indeed searched the house and located Furuta, her ordeal would have only lasted sixteen days and she may well have recovered from her injuries. The two officers were fired for failing to follow procedure.


Now to Antonio Sanchez, he was also accused for heinous crimes along with his cronies. but the obstacles were more profound although the evidence was clear. This was not only because he was a mayor but he was ironically also beloved. He had a big legal team and an even larger security detail. This caused, as you said, an investigation period of over two years and the trial itself lasting 16 months. The evidence was not only clear it was abounding, the court decision was 132 pages.

Now these can only exist within the State and capitalism we experience today. Had they been immediately investigated properly, their cases moved swiftly, then yes if your ideas were such death penalty can have an opening. In fact we have new ways of gathering evidence and the more time goes along it will mete out proper justice.

I get your concern however if this is the case and not all cases will be the sunshine and rainbows after the hemoglobin rain as I have just described. But if the amount of heinous criminals in the streets would be reduced by even a micropercent, I would concur


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It's heinous crimes right after the fact. Within Capitalism we could see the primary malpractical reasons for a crime, a robbery gone wrong, getting raped for child support, pedophilic sex work, Fascist groups all exist as a contingent of Capitalism.

Outside it, it becomes a matter of pure evil. Although a robbery would be given the proverbial boot to the back, the heinous murders, rapes and fascist and reactionary groups that exist in a post-capitalist society is no longer excusable.

This new Post-Capitalist world would need to be at war with the contingents only present in the old world and the reasons behind them, primarily Capitalistic, is no longer viable. It is not a question of a society monopolizing violence but a war between the new and old. We are an Other which cannot be understood by the old world.

Of course new society, new crimes but of the crimes of old, we no longer do. Think of it as such. No one practices witchcraft or alchemy anymore for the classically criminally intents, now it's just a practice done by native peoples as heritage. No one duels for honor anymore. And the practice to end these practices were far from peaceful.