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Interesting little idea, I knew the Green Party sometimes sepertae themselves between the Watermelons (Green on outside Red on inside) and the Avacados (Green on outside and in)

I would probobly describe myself as a mix between Dark Green and Bright Green for much the same reasons as you said Deep Ecology Ideas can be very anti-human. However I do belive that we do need to take our own personal steps to influence change at a greater level so I can't say I completely disavow Lifestylism in this regard.


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An interesting read, I think they made some good points (like how we should just re-wild everything. Do it in moderation) I hope the author keeps the optimistic attitude towards the subject of small towns. I've been living out here in the Ozarks for a few years and it can beat you down as you begin to see the apathy of those in power who refuse to do anything to REALLY help the town and the citizens.


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I've been on Raddle for a few months as well, and I love it. I do have to agree though, I feel like a lot of link dumping on this site and not a ton of engagement between users. Sure we see a few back and fourths on AskRaddle or Anarchism, but it does have the feeling that a lot of the Forums are fairly dead. And most of the back and fourths we do see are short comments, maybe one reply chains at most. I think some community interaction would help, as you suggested. But I am worried that without some more go between on the forums Raddle is going to continue to feel like a lose collective of radicals. Maybe we should look for some more direct ways to encourage more discussion? Unfortunately I do not really know.

Either way though I am excited to see how /f/readingclub turns our as /u/pops said. And hopefully in the near future we can see some even bigger community engagement things start popping up.