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This doesn't seem to be a book or about one, so far as I can tell, so I'm not sure why you posted it here.

It's literally the content of this book:

Instead of making rhetorical gestures like "After all, who hasn’t committed a crime?" - isn't it preferable to critique entire ideas of crime, punishment, and justice? Maybe the fact that we all do crime is just evidence that criminality is something we should be suspicious of as a concept.

The intent of the book is to offer an alternative to the cruel situation as US prisons, both from the conditions that they experience and the number that make up. And also to dispel the modern myth of prisons being more humane than subjecting them to brief but intense bodily pain. As he says, “that we accept prisons as normal is a historical oddity.” And it comes from no other than a former Baltimore policeman and now US law professor.