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Laziness. It is easier to let your mom do your laundry and stay rent free than even bothering to find a squat.

Stupidity. It's easier to have an opinion in a gaming chair on some forum, than going outside and debate people.

Comfort. It's easier to enjoy the heat paid by a cousin, friend, whatever and smoke, than get rained outside.

Spoiler alert!

The leaders know that too.

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ConfettiEggnog wrote

I doubt I have met more than three people who were aware they were racist and were still racist.

More so, all people raised in the Western/White/Christian world is mildly racist. The kind that will revolt at discrimination, but still keep check the pocket for the iphone after passing a group of foreigners.

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You are right. It has never clicked on me that apart from being christians without god or the Vatican, anarchists are also deeply conservatives. In a disgusting way. I mean the conservatives I know are old men usually, losers dreaming of the days they were happy, unaware they just ignore the bad parts of those memories. The anarchists and communists I see are pining for some fairy tale they have never experienced and badly need to impose that on the others.

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I checked. There is no action from those in Puerto Rico. But capitalists going for profits have sent food and water on ships built with the sole goal to make a profit.

I agree that your sort of anarchism has not lead directly to starvation. But that is the natural consequence. There are no roads, no big ships, medicine. I doubt there can be a med school in that sort of system. Or buildings more complex than some drafty wooden cabin.