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I do not live in a socialist state currently but I lived in China for two years and 3 months for work. A socialist state (not a social democracy) only exists to serve its people. I saw this with my own eyes while living in China. The state punishes capitalists who break the law.


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I'm going to assume good faith from you for now and respond accordingly...

This should explains things to you but if it's too technical, please let me know and I will try to condense things so even an anarchist can understand.

First you must understand that communist revolutions only happen when two separate but connected factors are met: both objective and subjective conditions.

First, the objective conditions which has two points.

Point 1: capitalism must have installed a large worker class in the capitalist society.

Point 2: The society must be in a mode of crisis (late stage capitalism) in order for the workers to rise up against capitalism.

Both of these objective conditions have been met.

Then there are the subjective conditions that need to be met for revolution to be possible. Three points.

Point 1: The revolutionaries must be between 3-10% of the population of the state. This is how many informed comrades we need to create the conditions for revolution.

This condition is met.

Point 2: These comrades must have a complete understanding of dialectics if they are to present the plans in a way that gains the support of the uninformed masses...

This condition is also largely met among Marxists.

Now the final point which makes the difference between a successful revolution and a worker massacre... The point that has not been met yet because of people like you...

Point 3: It's absolutely integral for the masses to put their trust in the revolutionary party so that they can work together towards achieving the socialist society.

There can be no room for debate or questioning orders or the revolution will fail as the counter-revolutionaries exploit the party divisions and the flaky nature of the ignorant masses to destroy the revolution in its infancy.

Once the leaders have decided on a plan and have presented it to us, we must not question it or it will all fall apart as quickly as a Jenga tower in the hands of an impatient child.

So dear Emma, when you speak of these so-called practical consequences, you do a great disservice to the party's plan and its implementation. By seeding doubt and mistrust, you damage the revolution and the reputations of its brave hard-working architects.

Please consider your words more carefully in the future when speaking in a public venue such as this about socialism, China or the party. This doomer attitude only sabotages the revolution, it turns workers against each other as they engage in petty squabbles about the integrity of the leadership rather than following the plan. The plan can only work if we all believe in it and follow it without question. Nihilism is our worst enemy.

[I was banned while writing this so have had to start yet another account, and you claim to not be authoritarians]