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It's possible that they ran out of spider wrap or hadn't gotten around to tagging them yet.

I can say that I lifted a Switch from Saturn and it wasn't source tagged. I don't think that consoles are ever source tagged, so go for it if you think you can!


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American here, but I live and lift in Germany.

I've only lifted from Saturn (just an instax mini) and it was relatively easy. I'd also be interested in hearing if anyone has pulled off hauls at MediaMarkt.

I've been eyeing the laptops, switches, and ps4s at my local MediaMarkt and Saturn for a while now.


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I was Robin Hood for Halloween!

Anyway, this is an awesome idea and it's something I already try to do with people I know personally who are struggling.

It's free and you're out lifting for yourself anyway.

Might as well do something nice for someone else. :)


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I'm poor and I like having nice things.

It feels bad to pay for things at stores like Walmart or Target especially. I save my money for paying the bills and having a small rainy day fund.


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That's so strange!

I've never seen anything like this in TK Maxx stores around NRW. Definitely heavier security presence in places like Köln or Düsseldorf, but I've yet to see the situation you illustrate anywhere.

The most I see are hook ink tags, generally.


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I'm an American who is in the states at the moment, but I've spent quite a bit of time in Germany recently, specifically NRW.

REWE is generally super easy as long as you don't conceal in front of any people or cameras. Blind spots seem easy to come by. Loss prevention usually chills past registers or outside of the entrance/exit to deter lifting... it isn't very effective.

Aldi has cameras everywhere and long, parallel aisles. This means you need to get creative with blind spots and sleight of hand. I often use my body, columns, or shelves as blind spots. I've never seen LP standing around here, so either dedicated LP don't exist, or they're watching cameras in an office.

Media Markt is adorably easy to swipe small electronics from, though there is usually an LP stationed past the checkout or near the exit. Many electronics are spider wrapped but not locked away, making it hypothetically possible to detag and swipe some goodies with relative ease. Lots of cameras. Obviously. It's an electronics store.

Edeka has been quite easy for me. I recommend pretending to shop as you would normally with a basket. Once you've placed your target items and a few items you intend to buy or put back inside of the basket, find a blind spot and conceal. My personal favorite spots in my local store are the coffee and beverages aisles. Plenty of cameras, but I haven't seen LP or had issues here.

H&M turns me into a reckless hoarder raccoon because SAs are so busy with all of the teenage Beckies running around. I've never even bothered going inside of a dressing room to lift, so I couldn't tell you whether or not they count items. I straight up conceal on the floor like an idiot. They have started tagging with hook tags at my local store.

TK Maxx is extremely easy. This is another place where I literally never even bother using the dressing room, so I can't say whether or not they count. Lots of cameras, but clothing racks make excellent blind spots for casually slipping clothes into a purse or shopping bag. Higher value clothing items are tagged with a weird hook/ink tag combo that I've never seen elsewhere?

German stores generally seem to be way easier than American stores.

Some general tips:

I wouldn't recommend using my idiotic on-floor concealing strats, but you do you.

I'd recommend checking your local stores out before lifting anything there the first time.

Always, always, always pay with cash if you're going to be purchasing anything while you lift.

Happy lifting!


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I lift a lot of groceries and basic necessities from Walmart. You can usually find a nice blind spot in the pets or houseware areas of the store.

It's worth it to me because each store I've lifted from has been considerably easier and less stressful than other stores.

Now, if we're talking about lifting electronics or something, I couldn't really help you. I've been wanting to lift electronics for a while, but most Walmarts seem to have them locked away nicely with tons of cameras overhead.


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Since I'm a woman, I usually conceal things inside of a purse or tote bag. I don't even like using these things most of the time in my day-to-day life, but they come in handy for lifting!

I live in a city with a uni nearby so perhaps that's why... but I've seen plenty of guys walking into Rewe and other stores with messenger bags, backpacks, and laptop bags without getting sussed by employees. In the US, this is something that would normally make LP watch you like a hawk.

Anyway, that'd be one way you might be able to conceal more items.


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Acting like a regular shopper, detagging/concealing in a blind spot, leaving safely.

Depending on how comfortable I'm feeling I may buy a cheap decoy item or two (a snack or beverage, for example) with some cash.