Communism_not_Barbarism OP wrote

You speak as if there were no white barbarians. In fact, it was most often used to describe Europeans that simply didn't speak Greek very well!

<<The word "barbarian" is derived from the ancient Greek word βάρβάρος which was used 3,200 years ago when a civilization that modern-day scholars called "Mycenaean" ruled much of Greece, writes Juan Luis Garcia Alonso, a Classics professor at the University of Salamanca, in a paper published in the book "Identity(ies): A multicultural and multidisciplinary approach" (Coimbra University Press, 2017).

The word was written on clay tablets found at Pylos, a large Mycenaean city on the Greek mainland. "In the Pylos clay tablet collection we do find the word simply applied, apparently, to people from out of town," wrote Alonso.

A number of scholars have argued that the "bar-bar" in the word "barbarian" may be an attempt to imitate a stammering voice which, presumably, some non-Greek speakers might sound like to someone who speaks Greek.

By "the archaic period [2,700 years ago] there is no doubt that one of the major meanings of the word was linguistic: the Barbarians were those who did not speak Greek," writes Konstantinos Vlassopoulos, a professor of history and archaeology at the University of Crete, in his book "Greeks and the Barbarians" (Cambridge University Press, 2013).

Non-Greek speaking people could be friendly or hostile. The Persians who invaded Greece were referred to as "barbarians" in Herodotus' (lived fifth century B.C.) description of their battle against a Spartan led force at Thermopylae.>>

Besides, I'm simply using the word here to describe the nihilistic anti-civilizational ideology that has a stranglehold over this whole site. This ideology is harmful, destructive and prevents us from achieving communism by creating apathy in the working class. A return to this anarchist babarbarism would be destructive to humanity and reactionary ideologies such as nihilism should be rejected by all communists that believe in bettering human lives. Apathy is our worst enemy.