Commonlifter69 wrote

Yup that guy was me. I went to an Office max last December and grabbed an entire monitor, and even told the mods of the SL reddit to ban me if I failed in order to give myself some motivation lol. So what I did was this: I went to the monitor section and loaded it up on the lower rack of the shopping cart. I took it to a random isle and detagged. Then I went to the arts and crafts section, got a large poster board, and covered it. I was scared of walking in past the registers and out the door, because that would have been so blatantly obvious. I waited at the front door, which only opens from the outside, and the moment somebody entered, I bolted right out of there with the monitor. Probably my largest haul in terms of size, and I am using it right now :)


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Commonlifter69 wrote

lmao I managed to steal the parts to my entire setup, gaming pc parts and everything. No regrets