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BB is pretty good, I've walked out with things as big as a gaming monitor and people don't really bat an eye. You just need to time it well, and get a door greeter which doesn't pay attention to what is entering and exiting the store. Unfortunately you can only get a 700ish$ laptop like this, as the moreexpensive ones are usually locked up.


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First off, thank you for your input. On the issue of the QR code’s, I did some research, and it doesn’t seem like the code linked to a government database, which is a relief. It stores information in the form of text, which a scanner can read. I’m willing to spend up to 200$ for each license, since I should easily be able to make over $1k+ off of each license with if I use it at 3 stores that use TRE as well as at stores which don’t. If I get an expensive fake that is made for fooling bartenders and the like, the manufacturer should be able to print a QR code which matches the information that is used on the front right?


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I got mine from REI, where they left the lock unlocked, and I took it off the racks and wheeled it out like I owned it. It didn't show up on local news, but they definitely noticed because I found on the local police blotter that they logged a grand theft at that exact location, at the exact time and date. It's definitely possible if you go to a store with negligent employees.


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Nah lol thing is the rei is actually easier than walmart when assessing the situation. This means that the risk to price ratio is actually extremely low compared to walmart. I've devised a foolproof plan that involves a few friends, and I'll have a great excuse even if I get noticed in the store. I've always wanted really expensive things, stuff that my parents would never be able to afford to get me on a regular basis. This is the reason why I lift in the first place.


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This sub is about real crime not theft of imaginary items

Lol jk, but in my past experience, apple seems to be really easy for in app purchase scams as long as you don’t overdo it on one account. Just say that your kid made the purchase or something, that worked for me when I used to play clash of clans in elementary school. Also I recommend getting a prepaid gift card so they can’t blacklist your personal card, however I’d be careful with this because I’ve read that apple has been getting more strict regarding their policy on these things. If you use a prepaid, you risk not being able to dispute the charge with a credit card company if they refuse your refund, so the money would be unrecoverable in that case.