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Im not sure how that study shows an overabundance of food. All it states is that if you force several variables, and that to organic farming has "34% lower yields (when the conventional and organic systems are most comparable)". I'm not really sure how this study helps, so please correct me if I'm wrong Also a majority of the world doesn't work because they are too old or too young.

The second you bring in resource management either someone is going to get and others will not, or everybody will have less. Unless you force people to work or pay them based on their performance, there is no incentive to work. Getting food to these people takes a workforce of truck drivers, which if you give someone the choice to work whatever they want, but they will get the same pay, why would anyone want to leave their family for long hours(10+, while traveling) and drive cross country to deliver items.


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What entity do you think gives grants out? Companies that pay their researchers to do research pay a salary. Researchers looking for grants are asking for help from the government, and the government didn't fund his research, yet you're going to blame the free market for the lack of funding? Did you not read the article as well?