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Here is my fear. They will start to notice one is gone every day from inventory and catch on to the theft. Just a matter of time like you said unless you rotate stores and routines. Just like the mafia say, don't get into a routine. They will notice every day you pick a bottle of wine and every day one goes missing. Be unpredictable.


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Staples will have a tag on a nice mouse... they do care, you are stealing their property and cutting into their profit. If I were you, I would conceal in a blindspot and then head to a restroom. In there I would be quick and take anything you need out of the box. Less is better. Crumple up the box and hide it. Either in the trash can under paper towels or in the toilet paper roll of stall. One thing I would suggest is pretending you are taking a call and then act like it an emergency. Say "I'm leaving staples right now I will be there in 5 minutes" in a semi panicked voice. If it has a spider wrap on it, learn how to take it off without the alarm sounding or grab one without. You need to be quick. Be smart and know where cameras and staff are. If you are in a higher shrink store, the LP will be more watchful. I think this is definitelt do able, just helps if you go over everything in your head a couple times before the lift. Try to do it when it is busy or near closing when they stop caring. Good luck.


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FYE was very easy, but it was in a mall, so probably no LP. Actually stole the last thing i took while I was at the register. Trader Joe's is like a grocery store, right? Same with world market and whole foods. Just be discreet when u conceal. Should be a piece of cake. Piere 1 is the only one I'm concerned about on your list. It is a very expensive store and there are usually a lot of employees trying to get you to buy something. I'm not sure what you wouls steal there. At mine, they only have furniture and decorations. Best of luck!