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inb4 - someone calls me an ecofash


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The ideas behind ancomism existed for thousands of years. Marx called it "primitive communism."

Of course, ancomism was the idea we should move from a capitalist system to communism. There's no way the ideology existed as we know it until 19th-century peasants got pissed off about being made into wage workers. This would date the general concept to be a little older than the general idea of Marxism imo.


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"Anarchism is a leap of faith and that's frightening. In fact, we know very well that if we were to ever do it then even the most basic comforts of 21st century life -- like readily available drinkable water, central heating and internet -- might not exist."


I think the opposite is true, especially if you live in a country that has been blessed with slums that are shitty (literally) by imperialism.


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Have fun finding an apartment when you have no tax returns from the last five years. Or a bank account.

"Just live in a squat," is what you're going to say,

Most people would rather not live in a home where there's a 90% chance the sheriff and his goons will break in and evict you within a few months. Also, you'd lose all your stuff. What if you had kids, for example?


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We need to win people based on the merit of our ideas. We will never win a shouting contest.

If you convince someone for the wrong reasons, they'll never stay for long or be a good ally anyway. Look at those people who change their ideology every six months (without touching grass once) if you want an example of that.


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I agree with you.

We can easily look at the MANY examples of stateless, classless, communal societies in the past and see how they solved things. But the answer varies based on so many things. (Even under feudalism, the peasants enjoyed a lesser degree of alienation and could manage more of their own local affairs than we can.)

I think anarchism should be seen more as a struggle against the ruling order and less as a perfect map of how run a new society. Also, drawing up this map risks bringing the values of the old society with us into the future.

But at the same time, communism is NOT a new idea no matter what people who subscribe to the faux-futurist brand of Marxism tell you. Communism has been done so many times it's crazy, and those people had to harvest their crops with primitive sythes while we have tractors guided by satellites!

The bourgeoisie can always ask us exactly how we'll run things with a sly smile because they know the mere exposure effect is enough to make people fear changing things. But I don't know anyone who doesn't think they could run their own neighborhood better than a pathetically inept government.