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The appeal of it is that it is simply one of the few such places they are “allowed” to inhabit. They’ve rejected their childhood indoctrinated religion as reactionary, they understand it is appropriational to practice the cultural ways of a people they don’t come from, and aren’t appealed to by one of the various neo-pagan movements (that they may well know were invented in the last couple of centuries).

If you are an allistic person who has a need for something like one of these belief systems (I know I don’t), what is your alternative? A major failure of “the left” today is that they offer no alternative. They abandon the field to the settler’s belief systems.


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I was far worse at that age. Children don’t choose to be raised in ignorance, they have to be taught to remain ignorant. We can be sympathetic about that while remaining firm in our convictions. That’s part of how people grow.


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Anarchism is when you force third world slaves to destroy the earth so you can live, and the more westerners you save the more anarchister it is


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If even a few of us are manipulative psychopaths (of course we know it’s not a few, there are millions of them all across the world, and they permeate all layers of society, including in places where they benefit the rest of us), then no I believe that is a problem with human nature. If we can’t accept that we are variable enough to produce the most selfless heroes and the most wretched torturers, then we will simply repeat the same mistakes again and again


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“Because this subreddit is for wistful children telling feel good bedtime stories to each other.”

I tried to tell them once that white people shouldn’t have dreadlocks. It didn’t go over real well


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A few observations:

  • This reinforces the idea that Marx repackaged some of Proudhon’s ideas, remembering his principle work was published eight years before Das Kapital

  • We have evolved (or devolved if you like) beyond the need for Mutualism, it is simply less relevant today than in the 1840s

  • Saying some French dude from the 19th century “invented” anarchism is not as accurate as saying Marx invented communism. The highlanders of Southeast Asia long predate him, for example.


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The citations are full of things like the Wilson Center and Human Rights Watch. That doesn’t mean everything in it is untrue, but it does make this unavoidably a work of the American propaganda apparatus.