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far right settlers shoot indigenous palestinians dead on a daily basis, institute a decades-long apartheid, blockade Gaza to the point where there's no electricity, food or water for years, demolish entire villages and bus in settlers to build on the rubble, who then form roaming lynch mobs to kill indigenous people in neighboring communities, etc, etc and this piece of garbage accuses palestinians of genocide for daring to fight back

fucking die in a fire


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now are spewing even more lies

Mods can we get a ban for rape apologia?

While an old man, Mao said that he needed the waters of yin to replenish his yang—which was a fancy way of saying he needed to have sex with a lot of women to get his manliness back. His doctor disagreed, but Mao was certain he was onto a good idea. It was, he was sure, at least worth a try. Mao had a special “sex bed” made with one side raised 10 centimeters (4 in) higher than the other. Every day, he brought in peasant girls. Before they could hop in bed with the chairman, though, he made them read a sex manual called Classic of the Plain Girl’s Secret Way. After all, Mao didn’t need amateurs.A lot of those women ended up with STDs, but they didn’t mind. Sleeping with the chairman was the most exciting moment of their lives. “The illness, transmitted by Mao, was a badge of honor,” his doctor said, “testimony to their close relations with the chairman.”

Mao liked them young—really, really young. Criminally young, in fact. One of his most extreme age gaps came in 1962 when he was 69 years old and he started an affair with a 14-year-old girl.Her name was Chen, and she was part of a dancing troupe that entertained the army. She sang and danced for Mao, who would watch the girls perform and then invite them back to his bedroom “to make him his tea.”When Chen’s parents found out that she was sleeping with the chairman, they were furious. Her father wanted to write Mao an angry letter, but he couldn’t do it. This was the height of the Cultural Revolution. Accusing Chairman Mao of anything meant certain


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In a post about an active genocide being waged against indigenous people by a government who are now razing the stolen land they committed genocide on, it's not wise to credit the genociders with securing your home. In doing this, you're identifying yourself as part of the genocider group and callously disregarding the millions of people being genocided on your behalf.

Calling the other party nazis in order to defend your party when your party are very openly waging a genocide against the native population is equally obtuse. If the measure of nazidom is genocide then you're openly supporting the blue nazis.