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Yes, I know already it was probably not a good idea to post this here... Sorry

No way! It was very interesting to read about your point of view. I'm not very into all this XR thing, so I have nothing to add to the conversation, but I'm sure you'll have healthy discussion with Raddle community.


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Family member is very ill, didn't go to job to look after them. They are feeling better now.


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It's strange how I find giant worms appealing and tiny ones terrifying.


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Ha! You've almost tricked me to believe that you actually don't want to burn factories to force everyone into your backwardness!


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I guess I get it now, thanks. At first, I thought you put an accent on a weirdness of thinking that the victim penetrating the rapist could be a case of rape. Now I get that you you meant that "the victim penetrating the rapist" is the rarest case of rape (which is true), because you misread the original statement. It's clear now, thanks again.


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I'm confused. Please, anyone, help me to understand. I swear to the Holy Science, I'm typing it in as good fate as possible.


I'm saying that a cis man being "raped" by having someone ride his dick isn't an equivalent crime in severity to forcible penetration

  • rape apologia

It's kind weird that they think male rape is the victim penetrating the rapist

  • isn't rape apologia?

Again, I'm not accusing anyone of anything! I just hardly see a difference between those quotes. And I think it's my fault of missing some nuances, so can anyone help me to figure this out?


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I've just reread my post and realized, how my responses are problematic and fucked up... The hell I've thought answering "An age of consent is to be determined by a community!" Sorry. Now I see.