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Well, I think I have to step forward and do a bit of babysitting for this "misunderstood fellow man". Hey, I've even gave you an upvote here, because I find this topic very interesting.

For me, it seems like this article was written by some middle-class person with little-to-no experience with oppression. Besides having some good (in my opinion) takes, such as:

If you’ve ever worked in the shelter system, or any field that serves those deemed as oppressed or marginalized in any way, such as abuse victims, the homeless, or people who struggle with addictions and/or mental illness (just a few examples)…one of the first things you learn is that they usually do not frame their worldviews in terms of academic theories you learned in gender studies classes in University. For the most part, they tend to not analyze their experiences in terms of systemic power and privilege, concepts such as “the patriarchy”, “white privilege”, or “heteronormativity”.

they appropriate struggles of marginalized people and propose the same attitude to themselves.

If any highly oppressed person claims that hearing some words is harmful for them, then it would be just enough reason for me to avoid certain words. It's not that hard at all! And if someone refuses to, science damn it, NOT USING SOME FUCKING WORDS, which do real harm to marginalized minorities, then I would feel obliged to shut that fuckwad down.

Is this constructive enough for you?


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Good question! Hmm, for some reason I didn't doubt their position as an actual pastor. Seems like I have too much trust to people.


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I'll give it 10/10 - pleasantly surprised how good it is, can't find a reason to take a point away.


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calls you pc or sjw

What is "pc"?

"is it okay to be sexist if the woman is fascist?"

CRINGE! Is this an actual argument?


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True, true. I'm not talking about last troll invasion, but more like, in general.

I can't stress it strongly enough: I don't think that a good faith user being mocked out from Raddle is a common occurance - quite the opposite! And I understand that almost noone wants to babysit some "misunderstood fellow man" untill they get their shit up. So, I don't know if anything should be changed in this regard.


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I think, I might agree with you on some points.

Well, I think, this site could have a bit more tolerance to misguided and confused persons. It, honestly, does looks like you need PhD in leftist politics to post on this site, after all. EDIT: I feel like I exaggerated here, but, well, it's close.

On the other hand "misunderstood fellow men" could employ a bit more empathy and good faith, and effort in understanding a feedback they receive here.

On the third hand, I understand that Raddle value the safety of this space much more than accessibility, and I'm fine with this. An I understand that it could be much worse otherwise. EDIT2: "worse" not "worth", ofcourse! Silly me. Mess my whole point up.

I love Raddle, and I think people here are cool and chill, helpful and supportive.


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I think it's not what the article is about. It explores dangers of dichotomy of "nature vs human-made" as it enables paternalistic approaches to indigenous communities and an unjust segregation of an environment.

EDIT: Also, I think labeling any human behavior as "unnatural" could lead to dark places. And given that

I don't doubt this, but what is this "trans-exclusive bioessentialism", or is everything in human conduct needs to be labeled through the LGBTQ+ lens? Why do I think that trans social acceptance is the only struggle that matters to you?

I'm afraid, you already there. Glad to be wrong, though.