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Absolutely disagree with raising the age requirement to 18+.

The point of an age requirement is simply to protect you legally as the domain name holder. Outside of that there are plenty of 16 and 17 year Olds that either have or will find this place to be their only real refuge from the rest of society. I'm not going to shut them out for an easy solution.


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Just speak up and act when you can. There is often more of us around than those who are loudest. It often only takes one of us to speak up or act out to remind the bystanders that they aren't alone in their thoughts too.


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Either way, most of the content that has and will be posted here in the future will most likely be geared towards rojava. My question is why could we not include content that includes greater Kurdistan?


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Noise... The more the better. Honestly, anybody that knows the sound of a full house sleeps well when they can and horribly the rest of the the time. I'm not talking about the nuclear family here. I'm talking about a village. I haven't slept a decent night in a decade as I don't have the community I used too. Booze helps but it is merely self medicating and doesn't fix the real problem.


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Thank you ziq, this is where I was hoping the conversation would go.

A kinder gentler government still results in the same problems and merely 'legitimizes' it further, prolonging the eventual and inevitable collapse of capitalism.

These are going to be the talking points we will be inundated with by the quasi Socialists and liberals in the near future for who knows how long.

I don't understand the down votes, admittedly. I think I made it perfectly clear that I'm not supporting this guy or proposing that anyone do so. I'm simply asking for some insight to a fleeting thought.