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Cheeks wrote

Also u/transtifa I know who you are way before this post and I'm sure you know me from posting as well. No need to make it a thing, unless you feel as I need to learn something.


Cheeks wrote

A lot of people don't plan to have kids.... People have sex, it happens. Your view is limited though is relative to my own. But not definitive.


Cheeks wrote (edited )

I always had really stupid idols growing up. Bobcat Golwaith. C. C. Deville (the guitar player from that shitty band Poison)

If they were obnoxious I thought they were cool.

As far as idols now... Its those wielding milkshakes, shutting down pipelines, torching cops and thier cars, etc...


Cheeks OP wrote

Oh well, in that case can you give your hacker your account? I'm totally loving it when they say things like... "burning cop cars (maybe that's your problem, the taste of burnt rubber doesn't suit your centrist palette)" Totally fucking golden!