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EU citizens are only entitled to social benefits in Germany after five years of residence are entitled to social benefits if they neither work in Germany nor can they claim social security benefits through a former job be able to claim social security benefits.

Certain conditions are therefore attached to a stay in Germany of more than three months:

EU citizens must be gainfully employed or self-employed. If they are not, they must have sufficient financial resources and health insurance. They must be actively looking for work, and there must be a prospect of employment after six months.

You have been in Germany for more than five years, you are entitled to permanent residence. You are not subject to the above requirements do not apply to you. This also means that you are entitled under SGB II to claim citizen's allowance benefits.

A few exemptions


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Video games helped me a lot, also Anime, Manga (Japanese comics aka visual aid for learning things) & YouTube videos. Sometimes especially YouTube videos have translations in your language, so you would be better able to understand English.


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is this how the anti-comsumption "revolution" begins? If I can't have an easy to way to watch YouTube videos, then I don't watch any at all and focus on the next easiest way to get entertainment, etc.


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I don't think it's voluntary, especially if the "agree button" leads you to a "locked community", for example for smaller video games where you get a lot of resources (information)


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Level 7 is actually absurd, the outcome...

when I finished the game, it said I "killed" 51 people during the trolley problems. And: "Congratulations! You have solved philosophy"


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I'm basically too poor and lacking knowledge to eat vegan stuff. My country also generally has less taxes on meat compared to vegan stuff. I'm trying out alternatives like oat milk chocolate. But I have no discounter here that offers their version of it (usually costs 1.35€ or less) so there's only the expensive stuff left like 2.19€/litre or 2.50€/litre.


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Never had a job for years since I finished school (and then quit the continuation of school). I just can't stand the thought about being under someone's authority.

Due to how the social system is build up here, I had to apply anyways, I didn't give much effort usually, but for the kind of apprenticeships I was applying to, there shouldn't be needed to do much effort, right? Nah! Didn't hear back except maybe once in half a year.

The work system fucking sucks.


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Omega Strikers is very fun. Basically it's a 3vs3 hockey game WITH abilities. There's a lot of micro things to learn, which as you improve at it, makes the game more and more fun.

Depending on the region, it also has a lot of users, in particular Asia, NA or EU.


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  1. In simple words, anarchism is a ideology that stands for self-emancipation, a life without people being able to control you (hierarchies) and a life where people voluntarily help each other. It's being argued that if we each help another, it can also benefit everyone as we lift each other up. Depending on the particular thought current of anarchism, they each think there's a bit of a different way to accomplish it, but every thought current has a common trait such as being for Mutual aid and being against hierarchy.

  2. Historically the 1st form of police literally existed to help black slaves owner fight off the revolt of black slaves. Laws are usually made to protect the rich, not protect the people. If there were not people owning 100 factories, 1000 homes but everyone having a home, there would not be a "crime" being done by a person sleeping at a train station; he would have a home! There would not be a crime by a person that steals food from stores, because he would have the food at home. Food would no longer be thrown away because it would be "unprofitable" to send it to the people that need it. We literally have enough food to have everyone not be hungry, but it is being hoarded by a small group of rich people to gain power advantage.

  3. Here's the difference between anarchism and communism for example: Communism wants to establish a temporary state; so far every single "communism" bought about a new authoritarian government.

Anarchism however wants to destroy the very 'points' that makes the population being able to be controlled. For example, free access to information. How many times were you lied in school about history for example? That apparently Christopher Colombus was a hero for discovering America, even though he wasn't the first nor was he a hero; he literally made sex slaves out of the native Americans as he wanted to get gold from them .

  1. Some common misconceptions is that anarchism seeks violence, when in reality it seeks the abolishing of situations that require violence. Some people also think that anarchism would simply mean that everyone should be happy with everyone. I think that is simply not possible. In anarchism it is possible to freely move so you can be with like minded people. Or you can simply live in conditions where it doesn't matter if there aren't like minded people because you aren't having a threat of violence, you have access to your needs like food, social participation etc.

What helped me to introduce to anarchism was this book targeted at people that aren't academics, aka easier written language. Historically some anarchist books had wordy language, which made it less possible to access for people not working in academics. On the upper right corner there's a night mode button. After I read most of that book I also read some parts of .


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I think so. I could find very specific information very easily by putting "Reddit" behind the search term. It was also very easy to get videos that are usually moderated enough that I WON'T see NSFL stuff like gore and repeating/recycled content.

But I won't miss some of the bigger Subreddits I frequent. There, the mods are using their position to gain power and/or to spread their ideology (for example by banning anarchists out of a big local country subreddit). Some of these people even had dinner with spez, an Reddit admin.