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eh you can avoid those bans easily. I've been banned like 8 times already, with them getting me insta banned twice. Just tweaked my browser settings a bit and removed a few addons (or added) and I always create a user in a super different browser (like Brave)

also when you change hardware completely you are usually free to create accounts again cuz their detection is shit

all I do is is not to post in one regional subreddit because those liberals are deep into the admin's pockets, to the point that they had dinner with spez.

reddit really is a corrupt site, they don't follow their own moderator guidelines. Too big subreddits literally always break their guidelines because they can't do a healthy community, in other words hand out fair bans etc. /r/worldnews for example just insta bans you for no reasons and won't unban you.


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I've read the current version and thought it was.. ahem enlighting.

Okay to be more serious I really thought it was great, I thought about translating it to German but apparently you want to fix more of it so I'll wait.

Elany, a German anarchist, used to translate quite a few anti-civ texts but since they was imprisoned it felt like they had next to a dead silence. And then an insurrectionist magazine from Munich was also raided by the police so that radical thing is gone as well.


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until recently i thought people choosing whatever gender identity they feel best represents them (including having no gender or not caring about their gender) was a good thing, but it seems gender abolitionists and gender nihilists disagree.



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Standard YouTube:

Clickbait Title (Was Malatasta Really For Democracy?!?! / Why Did Malatasta Change His Sight On Democracy?!?!) a few other ideas: "Why Are Some Anarchist Advocating For Democracy?", "Is Anarchism Super Liberalism?!"

Clickbait Preview / Spicy sentence in the first few seconds (probably works more on voice calls kind of videos)

Safe play:

  • Combine American values with Anarchism

  • Combine American history with Anarchism

  • Only mention popular Anarchists (David Graeber, "Chomsky", "Hasanabi/Vaush")

Risk play:

  • Always react on the videos of leftist youtubers and try to earn money that way by getting into drama (Hasanabi, Vaush, "Haz",)

Also forgot to mention that some people might withdraw from your patreon simply because they need it themselves because of inflation. Idk if your patreon has small money rates ($1, $2) which would make it likelier to subscribe to.


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I'm really getting concerned about the block function on reddit, especially because it can manipulate in subreddits like completenanarchy101. The only way to avoid it is to make a new account every new week I guess...

this user blocked me:


Eco Anarchism has nothing to do with primitivism. Primitivists hijacked the movement to push for their neo-luddite regressive ideals under the disguise of being concerned ecology. Its why their flags are so similar.

Oh I wonder why they blocked me.


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I feel like my cognitive level goes down if I focus on speaking gender neutral language. I also feel like it is often pushed by liberals that do not create anti-discrimination things themselves, in other words it's just "look how progressive I am" without doing stuff that helps others and instead supports states, colonization, etc. so I feel like I do something wrong if I use it just because liberals force me to. Feels like assimilation.