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Hey everyone,

here is your former /r/antiwork mod. After realizing half of the team were either rapists or rape fetishists and the other half FBI agents, I decided to call it quits and join team Raddle here.

Raddle is a big tent movement which resides on Mount Everest. Our goal is to spread anarchy across the mountain, so everyone shares their last oxygen and dance around as we celebrate the last breath of capitalist civilization


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As I'm sure you've all heard by now, your subreddit sadly had to be permanently shuttered due to reddit's new rules that hold moderators legally responsible for violent language on the subs they moderate.

holy shit


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it's actually a bit spooky because I'm long term unemployed since a few years now. As I'm age discriminated I don't even really get full welfare, so I can be a bit empathitic about him complaining only being at home (probably because social welfare is shit in the UK and/or you are too poor to maintain social relationships etc)

still the rest felt like excuses, when he announced "her" death I thought about reading one text but now I won't touch it with a 1000 foot stick

edit: oh and just as a small note before I'm heading to bed: for a person like Anarxqista that wrote a text about anarchist insurrection it's a bit ironic that they haven't done bankrobbery or smaller crimes yet, but I guess that train has been gone for them as their name is leaked.

not that I suggest/advocate anyone doing this here


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I want to learn how to do the inverse: make people believe I don't exist. Most effective security measure I can imagine.

Probably slowly incorperate small facts which are slightly wrong, like saying you turned 27 today even though 2 years you wrote that you have birthday tomorrow so you can't be 27 today.


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More stuff what she did is being told there, like saving someone that tried to do suicide. I'm not completely through reading it yet either, thought it was interesting but would go under if I shared it in the original thread. It was published a few hours ago


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Oh yeah I can believe that with youth liberation and her being removed from left liberal / left radical mastadon instances, I had a brief talk with Anarqxista on twitter in May (not sure if I should share it). It's very unfortunate that people aren't willing to go at least near that topic.

I've read baeden for example and a lot of reactionary ideologies have the "children" in mind ("think of the children" from conservatives etc), meanwhile anarchism should also focus on having the youth being able to have as much autonomy as possible. I felt back then super restricted in what I could do, although I wouldn't say anything related to sex in that regard (I wasn't interested in it) and I don't know much about that topic tbh

edit: from the talk I had with her in twitter pms she said that she wrote an essay about this whole debacle... it's probably on anarchist library but I can't find it quickly. From her twitter pms the arguments she made was sincere and it was certainly not about having sex with young people. Anyone has a link by chance? I only have her words in the pms

edit 2: found the essay. I'm not really bothered to read it (because I think I got the gist from her pms) but now some people calling her outright a pedophilia apologist is just giving me a bad taste in my mouth.


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Reply to comment by kore in Why do you read theory? by mikz

It can also be quite comforting to see someone else grapple with things that have also been troubling me, and then to see them reach some satisfactory conclusions that make sense.

This is why I loved submedia's 30 minute series "Trouble"