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The alt-right HATE identification, it stops them in their tracks wherever they go. Can we make it where you need to scan a driver's license or passport to sign up - we don't need to make usernames real names or anything and any identifying information can be SOLELY for the site to have, so we'd still be anonymous day to day!


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No, i think we should move towards a fairer barter economy and things like Uber take the power out of the hands of distant companies and make it a direct transaction. It has to be money now but soon it will be services and art or whatever.


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Yes, but we just have to wait. Nazis pride themselves on masculinity, exercise and testosterone which will lead to them all dying of heart disease at 50 years old. They laugh at vegans and soy but i'm actually far healthier than any of them and so come 35 years time they won't even be around to maintain their corrupt system. We'll just cycle right in to congress and take our rightful place.


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Not 100% to be honest. A girl i thought i was seeing started seeing someone else and basically laughed in my face when i cried to her asking what i did wrong. Apparently talking every day and 2 dates doesn't count for anything. She even goes to the same slam poetry club i like to spend my free time at so i have to stop going to that. I'm such a fucking cuck.